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First-class JavaScript Twig compiler


Twing needs at least node.js 16.0.0 to run.


The recommended way to install Twing is via npm:

npm install twing --save


See the Twing website for documentation.

Basic API Usage

import {createEnvironment, createArrayLoader} from "twing";

const loader = createArrayLoader({
'index.twig': 'Everybody loves {{ name }}!'

const environment = createEnvironment(loader);

environment.render('index.twig', {name: 'Twing'}).then((output) => {
// output contains "Everybody loves Twing!"

Script tag

Use jsdelivr CDN to include Twing in your HTML document:

<script src=""></script>

Once loaded by the browser, Twing is available under the global Twing variable.

Related packages

  • gulp-twing: Compile Twig templates with gulp. Build upon Twing.
  • twing-loader: Webpack loader that compiles Twig templates using Twing.


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