Interface TwingTest

interface TwingTest {
    acceptedArguments: TwingCallableArgument[];
    alternative: undefined | string;
    callable: TwingCallable<any, any>;
    deprecatedVersion: undefined | string | boolean;
    isDeprecated: boolean;
    isVariadic: boolean;
    name: string;
    nativeArguments: string[];

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acceptedArguments: TwingCallableArgument[]
alternative: undefined | string
callable: TwingCallable<any, any>
deprecatedVersion: undefined | string | boolean
isDeprecated: boolean
isVariadic: boolean
name: string
nativeArguments: string[]

native arguments are the arguments implicitly passed to the call, deduced from the operator name typically, a Callable Wrapper registered under the name "foo--" would generate native arguments ["bar","oof"] when the operator name is "foo-bar-oof"

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