Interface TwingCheckToStringNode

Checks if casting an expression to toString() is allowed by the sandbox.

For instance, when there is a simple Print statement, like {{ article }}, and if the sandbox is enabled, we need to check that the toString() method is allowed if 'article' is an object. The same goes for {{ article|upper }} or {{ random(article) }}.

interface TwingCheckToStringNode {
    attributes: TwingBaseNodeAttributes;
    children: {
        value: TwingBaseExpressionNode;
    column: number;
    line: number;
    tag: null | string;
    type: "check_to_string";
    execute(executionContext): Promise<any>;

Hierarchy (view full)


children: {
    value: TwingBaseExpressionNode;

Type declaration

column: number
line: number
tag: null | string
type: "check_to_string"


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